Sales Tax?

Are we supposed to be charging “Sales Tax” on a home inspection and any ancillary services like Well water analysis?
It just occurred to me, when making out a credit card slip for a long distance customer this evening, that I hadn’t been doing that, and wondered?
Any one know if this is necessary?

That would depend strictly upon your state. Sales tax is state/county/local mandated.

Thanks Jae, I think I’ll query our local NACHI distribution, and see what our other guys are doing.

From my Accountant…

“Opinions are not Taxable”.

No Sales Tax collected for services provided in PA. Your State may vary…

Ditto here.

Same in MO.

I charge it ONLY if I need some extra spending cash, :wink:

That would be called Theft, Not taxes withheld…

Isn’t that what taxes are? :twisted:


In Texas, when I started I contacted that state and was told that I did not have to charge sales tax UNLESS the inspection was insurance related. So that is what I do. So I do not charge it. WDI’s are taxed here, but I pass them completely through to a pest guy and they pay him directly.

Thanks guys, Alzheimers was setting in when I asked, as my wife and Chief Financial Officer looked at me like I was crazy, and said I had this figured out
last year. And the answer was NO,
so thanks to all of you for jogging my memory…