Sale and Use Tax in KY

Hello all…I cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone at the state level regarding this. Their answer is always very vague, such as “Thats a business decision you will have to make” So the question is, do we charge sales tax in KY on inspections? Is digital material considered tangible?


Wrong question!

Right question… What type of business is “Home Inspections” classified as by your state?
Likely answer (based on experiences in other states)… “Services” provider, so the question should be… “Are Services (aka. labor) taxed” in your state?

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I would ask a tax professional in Kentucky, but from what I read on Kentucky’s website you would not charge sales tax for a home inspection.

Take it with a grain of salt I spent less than 5 minutes on their website but it looked pretty clear to me. :grinning:

No sales tax

Thanks you guys!