Salute those parents...

who had the courage and understanding to turn in their own son, to keep him from hurting others, with a bomb!


Sorry it is all over the T.V. news.

They still have news on TV? :wink:,1,2528463.story

Thumbs up for turning him in. :slight_smile:

Thumbs down for not being “in touch” with him and knowing something was not right. :frowning:

Thumbs sideways for what a hard time it must be for parents of teens at times. From the brief account I read, this kid was pretty bright, yet very angry. :shock:

I admire all of you who have guided your kids through their teen years. I sure hope that when my son is of that age my wife and I can do our best for him.

I’ve used up all my thumbs. :frowning:

As parents, all we really can do is keep trying our best to guide and educate our kids in this tough society.