Nothing but admiration

I do a fair amount of inspections in a military city and I have nothing but admiration for this younger generation of military. When military people come together you just naturally talk military.

I have had a statement made to me twice this last year that has been a long time coming not that I am the type of person that goes out looking for a pat on the back but it is a good inner feeling when someone does.

I have made the statement to active duty military twice this last year that I am a Vietnam Vet and with no hesitation what so ever they immediately stated ( I thank you for all you did) and I thank all of our active duty military for what they do today and hope they all come home safe.

I thank you for all you did.

Welcome Home!

God bless our men and women in uniform.

Same here…all of you, thank you.

You to Frank glad you made it home

I received a letter from my son, yesterday, dated 8/29.

In part, he said…

“Today marked the largest test of my life. We were under attack with what started out as RPGs. Five or six of them flew overhead (I think it was five or six, but you really loose count after one). I ran to my room and threw on all of my gear and sprinted to my soldiers. They were standing there in full gear waiting for me, saying ‘What do we do now?’…We took the wall like nine hungry bears and held our fighting positions just as practiced, time and time again. We were receiving gun fire from the West. By the way the flashes of the enemy’s muzzles, it looked to be about twenty of them. My men asked permission to fire and I shouted “Kill them sons of bitches”…None of my soldiers were wounded and I think that a lot of the enemy were killed by our artillery…you would think that a person would be scared at a moment like that but, in all reality, you have no time to be scared…”

Chris, and tens of thousands of other young Americans and allied troops (many who are young Candians) are in Afghanistan where war continues to rage. From those of us who are not able to distance ourselves as easily as some from this war, I can assure you that your thoughts, prayers and expressions of gratitude are being heard and is very much appreciated.

thanks Jim.

May God Protect and Bless Your Son…

My Daily Prayer.

I ask that you please bless and protect our American servicemen and women especially those serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in the other countries where people would seek to harm them.

I ask that you strengthen their hearts, strengthen their moral values and give them clarity of vision, clarity of mind, and quick physical reactions.

**Amen… **

James relay to your son my heart goes out to him all of his brothers and sisters. I take my hat off for all they do.


Gracious God, I pray for our soldiers. Let your grace be a protective shield, guarding them from harm and keeping them close to your love and compassion.
May I always remember that they are the ones who face the horrors and dangers of war first-hand.
Help us honor them for their courage and care for them when there is damage to their bodies or spirit.
When they are lonely and afraid, and long to be with those whom they love, fill their hearts with the sure knowledge of your presence at all times, in war and peace.
Let them feel, O God, deep in their hearts, that your love is always there—boundlessly, unconditionally, and eternally. Amen.

My thoughts are with our young soldiers, and for that,

I say Thank you.


JB, some of us may differ on our politics, our interpretation of ethics, technical opinions, etc, but all of that pales in comparison and becomes pretty meaningless when I read of episodes like your son’s. I’ve written many times about my son (Kristi’s brother) so I know exactly what you are experiencing. May God bless and watch over Chris and all the rest until they can come home.

Bless all the Men and Women in Uniform, may they all come home safely at the end of thier deployment.