Surface Sampling Area of Concern: Take One Sample

Hypothetical: you are called to do in IAC2.
The real estate property owners suspect organic growth. Mold.
A complete inspection contracted.

No “visible signs” of growth are seen

One room or area fits several prerequisites. RH, odor is slight, possible water infiltration, but nothing to see.

Having no visible signs to extract surface sampling, where would you conduct your sample?

a. a home with registers.
b. A home with baseboards.

Thanks in advance.

Take an air quality sample instead to verify that there are even spores present in that room. If they come back moderate to high, that way it will at least tell you if there is any type of growth.

If there is a carpet would you recommend a carpet sample? From my reading on the subject and a quick theory it is or should be concentrated with months of record IMO.

If there is a carpet then yes, that would give your client the surface sample he might be looking for.

Thanks Ciff.

I am allergic to mold. If you only knew.

One very moldy attic, just at the gable end due to 3 way attic venting had my face swollen the next morning. The fiberglass that I am also allergic to left a mother of a sty in my left eye.

Thank God Mr. Johnson was not effected but my butt cheeks got some Fglass in the azz I forgot my PPE full suite and had to crawl like a beggar… my shirt came untucked from my pants when I crawled out the scuttle hole.

A penny for your thoughts please sir if you have any remedies.


Thanks Dale.

Mold inspection checklist.
Anyone develop a hypothesis checklist?
IE, Null Hypothesis
• “Damaged Building” Hypothesis
• “Aesthetic” Hypothesis
• “Affected Health” Hypothesis
• “That Which is Visible is Mold” Hypothesis

Thanks in advance.


Doing a course as you can see and mistakenly glazed over your remedy for Ouchous Buttockcious:slight_smile:

A well know sensation felt by the genius, “Homous Inspectorous”.

Possible Cause/s; fibered glass that has been lodged into his/her flashy low extremities. IE: posterior, the rear or hind end.

How does this occurrence manifest? Contortionist movements in confined spaces. IE: Crawl and attic spaces demand the flexibility.

What to watch out for. The “Homous Inspectorous” upper outer garment protection is dislodged from the lower garment exposing one’s buttocks, posterior, rear or hind end.

Your natural remedy is simple by logic:cool:

Yes exuberance in ones carrier and life’s experience. Learning all the remedy for exposures to physical well being.

Hope all is well Your the best mate!:slight_smile:

When we meet Dale although it’s been over 14 years clean and sober, I will surely have one of those Glenlivet natural liquid plan in the buttock’s neutralizers for burdens of work.

The past is in the past buddy,
Milestone crossed, a life reflected upon and an albatross of misdirect shed.

**Life is the greatest its ever been./B} Friends and association colleagues making it better every passing moment.:wink:

All the best.