San Francisco Bay Area World Marketing Event

Nick and Nathan did a great job last evening in San Francisco with the Marketing Event. Their insights and experience was inspiring…

I asked Nick if there was enough interest, we should form a San Francisco Bay area Regional Chapter for InterNachi. We are underrepresented in the marketing of Nachi member services here in the Bay Area and I would like to offer my time in seeing that a local chapter is formed.

If you are a Nachi Member here in the greater San Francisco Bay area and this would be of interest to you please contact me and we can formulate a plan. Nachi offers a great many options from free website hosting for a local chapter and much support of this idea in general. The real estate market is picking up here and I believe we are in a great position to expand our presence.

Rick Elliott
WestWatch Home Inspection

I would like to be part of that.

Me too.

Great event and lots of good info. I love the microwave tester.

Nick, is it possible to get a list of all internachi members in the greater San Franciso bay area. I could do an inspecktor search but if Lisa at the office could provide me a list it would be more perhaps more efficient. Thanks again!

Scott, I am look at forming a Greater San Francisco bay chapter of Nachi. Let me know how we could work together on this if you are interested. Thanks

Rick- I just sent you an email :wink:

Rick, I think we need to ask for members in the area if they want to join up, find out what the other groups swap as far as info. We can give help to others as far as where to shop for tools and other resources locally. Just share local information.