savvy inspector

Wondering if any one used the savvy inspectors services?
If so how does it work and does it work?

Looks like a good site, only if they will finish it.
Not enough info to make me to buy at this time. Read some of the articles, which have some good info.

I looked at the site, watched the one long video it haven’t decided either.
I will say that when I took my WDI cert course in October (Indiana) a group of us were talking on a break. The savvy inspector came up and I talked about a couple features on the site in a video.
One of the guys standing with me said the couple was his aunt and uncle and they went from.a solo shop to a five inspector firm in under two years.
Might be.
On the flip side I believe that solid business practices and good cold calling, networking and community marketing will go a long way to growing a business

Everybody claims to have the “secret”, and they want to sell it to you. There is no “secret”, it just takes hard work and dedication to be successful.

Been doing the cold call, drop in’s, and trying to network with others. Broker friend of mine told me to give away some inspections.

The best HI marketing program is:

Just tell the REA’s that you are new, charge $199, and your phone will ring off the hook.

Is that how you started off? If so did that really work?.

Some friend!

What do you think that friend would say if you suggested he/her work for free?

He was being sarcastic.

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No ****!! DON’T give inspections away!! MAYBE 25% less.