Has anyone heard of this internet marketing company named YODLE and has anyone tried them.

They charge $$$ for what they offer. Have you exhausted all of your free options?

I looked into it. I wasn’t impressed. If you’re truly interested in growing your business, and are willing to work on growing your business and need Home Inspector Marketing stuff that really works, check out the link.

There are guys that say “I tried it, it doesn’t work” that’s because they didn’t put any work into it. I’ve been a member for 2 years and it works for me. I started off rough this morning and blew the first 3 potential clients (I’m kicking myself), but I closed the last 3 I got! Did you get 6 phone calls for inspections today? If not you owe it to your family to at least check out Home Inspector Marketing.

Hi John,

I’ll spend money on something that works…

As I haven’t spoke to you before, do you have an affiliation with them?

Just asking…


Like I said, I’m a member. Before I didn’t want any one to know about this, and hated to see anyone to even mention it. Why? Because I didn’t want my copetitors to know what I was doing. I wanted it to be my little secret weapon. After attending the 50 City Tourwith Joe Ferry & Ken Compton, I realized that most inspectors, including most of my competition, aren’t willing to spend money to make money whether it’s educating themselves or paying for something that help them grow their business. There were only 8 people who showed up, 6 inspectors, for that event. The reason Ken & Joe didn’t cancel the stop was because 2 of us who paid to attend the seminar were members of the Home Inspector Marketing group that Ken runs. I know they couldn’t have made any money off the event. Thats customer loyalty!

Before you join let me set some expectations.

  1. This is about modeling. If you want to be a success why not follow in the steps of someone who is a success? Learning from someone elses mistakes costs a lot less than learning from your own. Learning what other people are doing to create success for themselves is invaluable.

  2. If you expect to join and instantly increase your business, it aint gonna happen. You will need to put the information to work. It’s kind of like lifting weights. You can’t go to the gym for a month and expect to walk out looking like the guy on the cover of Muscle Head Magazine. You will need to put in the work and results will come over time. If you are consistant and persistant you should start seeing some recognizeable results in about 60-90 days. And like the Muscle Head Magazine guy, the more work you put in, the bigger you will get. (This is why so many people say “This stuff doesn’t work, I tried it.” They didn’t put in the work to see the results!)

  3. There is a TON of information available. Don’t try to do it all at once. Start with one strategy, get the ball moving, then pick another one. Remember consistancy is the key. So don’t try to do too much.

  4. If you have a project you’re working on and need some help, not only do you have other members willing to help you out, you can ask the man himself. Twice a month he has a “one on one” call in day so you can ask him any questions you have personally. He has helped me on many projects.

If you want to grow your business this year, you need to do something.
“If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” I don’t know who said that, but it is absolutely true.

And the fact that he make’s money if you join…or a commission fee I should say for you joining.

Same old, same old. Nothing new here. Did you pay to get this information?

This just out:

Nick does it again…

True story.

An agent called me yesterday to tell me that she tried to refer me to a client but the client said he had his own inspector. Turned out the inspector he had in mind was me. I guess you know you’re doing good when it comes to you from both sides! :wink:

Try email marketing, best bang for your buck. Check out the link below.

I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times John. It’s funny to see the look on their faces when they see who walks in.

As for email marketing (as John suggested), I fully support HomeHints. It’s the best marketing money you can spend.

Back to the origianl question about internet marketing companies, I’m guessing that someone called and told you they could get you on page one of google. If that is the case, I agree that you need to exhaust all of your free stuff and stay far far away from these guys. I have fallen for them and lost money while doing so. Maybe some are legit, but so far when they call me now I tell them to put their money where their mounth is, get me there and then I’ll pay you. So far I haven’t had any takers :eek:
Hope this helps.


These guys from Atlanta (Home Inspector marketing) that you are talking about are not worth the money. I tried the candy house and a lot of the other stuff they suggest including the scratch off cards and the card mailings. Nothing really worked well but I am from the NY market where it seems price is king unfortunately. I believe the fee is around $75 a month to get their advice. I was a member for about 4 months and tried most of what they suggest. If I would do anything with them I would join for a month and get all the info then quit.

I just started sending this out to members of Active Rain located in my area yesterday. So far I emailed 10 people. As of today I made 4 new contacts 1 I have a date with. :slight_smile: Yes she is beautiful. Active Rain rocks.

Whoever here,

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. I’m Bill Boerner owner of STL Property Consulting. I specialize in both residential and commercial inspections to include Radon and WDO in St. Louis. I also serve any area within a 200 mile radius of St. Louis as well. I operate seven days a week and take bookings 24 hours a day even by phone. Once a month I send out a customized news letter detailing the latest home inspection technology, home improvement ideas, and vital information your clients can benefit from before and after purchasing their new or used home. I also distribute a professional three ring binder packed full of information including a copy of an actual inspection report that can be displayed in your office. If you are interested I would like to include you on my distribution list at a minimum. Thank you for your time and if I can ever be of assistance please let me know.

Bill Boerner
STL Property Consulting
Cell: 314-805-2137

Isn’t soliciting AR members’ email against the rules?

I have no idea. In any case if so it’s a stupid rule. That’s what AR is all about “Networking”. I’ll keep doing it until they tell me otherwise.