Say what

Had a realtor call me today to say that the seller had an “electrician” come out and said the situation shown below is “according to code”. Really, am I missing something?

You didn’t miss anything. Ask the Realtor for a statement of the findings from the electrician on his letterhead with his license number on it.

That was no electrician. :roll:

The agent is full of ship :shock:

Actually, the agent was not complaining; she was just looking for a proper response. I gave her a couple to choose from :slight_smile:

2009 IRC

"Openings. Openings through which conductors enter
shall be adequately closed.

*Commentary: *The fitting used to secure the cable into the box should
close the knockout opening sufficiently. If a small conductor
is installed in a large knockout with a connector
or fitting too large for the conductor, it will leave an
opening through which foreign items could enter the
cabinet or box."


"E3906.1 Conductors entering boxes, conduit bodies or fittings.
Conductors entering boxes, conduit bodies or fittings
shall be protected from abrasion.

Commentary: Conduit entering a panelboard cabinet or box is usually
attached or connected with a fitting that enters the
box. A conduit could be threaded and have one
locknut on the outside of the box and one on the inside
to secure it in place. Whether this method is used or a
fitting is used to attach the raceway to the box or cabinet,
it is a good practice to install an insulating bushing
on all raceway entries. The code requires this for conductors
of size 4 AWG or larger because there is more
chance of damaging the insulation because these
conductors are more difficult to bend than the smaller


In other words where in the heck is the bushing.

Although I never put this in the report I do appreciate when you do paste the Code Joe.
It is not even close to safe for NEC and NEC is a minimum.

what Joe said…needs NM fitting.


It’s often a learning exercise for me to see if I can actually find it. Luckily I have the code in PDF and can word search. I’m not a know-it-all.

One of the best advice you gave me was to get the PDF format of the code. Speeds up the search a lot!