Power service

I have a new house inspections this week and hvae gone buy to see if the house is ready for inspection. The electrical service come out of the ground and then angles to the meter box. Is this ok or not.

Well we will " ASSUME " it is Sch. 80 PVC.

1.) 352.30 - ( Cut to the MEAT ) Shall be fastened in place so that movement from thermal expansion or contraction* is permitted.RNC shall be securely fastened and supported in accordance with 352.30(A) and (B)

  • This may not be a complete run, just a protection stub up from USE…so it may not apply in this case…but good to know.

(A) RNC shall be securely fastened within (3ft) of each outlet box, junction box, conduit body, or other conduit termination. Conduit listed for securing at other than (3ft) shall be permitted to be installed in accordance with the listing. ( which will be on the RNC actually if listed beyond this normal scope )

OK…the other issue could be argued in 352.12© Uses Not Permitted. - Where subject to physical damage unless identified for such use. ( don’t know…can’t see the conduit in question so we will assume THAT is not a problem since it is Sch. 80…right)

IS it subject…well I believe my opinion is this- It is MORE subject that if it were along the contour of the building itself…but again my opinion since the NEC does not care to define " Subject to Physical Damage "

My concern I guess is only for the fact I have seen these get damaged very easy…greg may have some good comments on this…My other concern and it may just be the image…notice the connection from the straight to the 45 degree fitting…seems to be a deflection in the fitting…leading me to believe it is putting force at the fitting point…BUT again it may not be a fitting…we melt our PVC down here…so could be an image thing…

Personally…if I were doing the report I would make a note of it…snap a shot of it…and understand this is just plain LAZY of the POCO or Electrical Contractor…could be a footer issue…BUT again I do this all the time and I have no problem getting the PVC next to the foundation…

Just my thoughts

Oh…almost forgot…many local AHJ’s might consider it a violation of 110.12 " Mechanical Execution of Work " if it was installed by the Electrical Contractor.

Examples that many AHJ’s use that do not qualify as " neat and workmanlike manner " include exposed runs of cables or raceways that are improperly supported ( eg: sagging between supports or using improper support methods); field-bend and kinked, flattened or poorly measured raceways; or cabinets, cutout boxes, and enclosures that are not plumb or nor properly secured.

The above is an excert from the NEC Handbook examples…used by many AHJ’s when they cite 110.12 violations…

The damage was my concern for the pipe. The pipe is not under any stress and the pipe is melted to bend. The footing is keeping the pipe from coming up straight.


WOw…that is some footing…extends out nearly 1 1/2 feet by my visual estimate…if it is Sch 80 PVC…I would photo it…keep it for record…mark it and last question…has the final Electrical from the local AHJ been obtained?

The only way they could have fixed this is an LB where it comes up over the footer and a sweep to the riser. A lot of people forget how cool an LB can be in a tricky situation.

lol…not me fella…ME LOVE LB’s…:slight_smile:

Ever stick them at the bottom of a buried pull? It gives you a straight shot down the long part out the “B” and you stuff it up the riser before you put on the cover and backfill but it may surprise the next guy. It is a way to get around that bend that burns out with the jet line or just stop pulling.