SBA - Paycheck Protection Program

Has anyone tried to apply for an SBA - Paycheck Protection Program loan? The site states that Sole proprietors, independent contractors, and self-employed persons qualify.

I filled out the online application on the SBA website last week and I have not had any response at all.

I am curious about what response others have had.

I hope it works out for you Eugene! Being retired we’re on our own and doing okay so far…thank God. :smile:

I don’t know about the paycheck protection plan. Cuz I’m waiting on my $10,000 Grant to hit the account.

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From what I understand, they are now only doing $1,000 per employee up to $10,000 for the disaster loan advance. I was disappointed when I heard that since I am just getting my business up and running and took a leap of faith leaving my other job. Trying to figure out which program if any I am eligible for to be able to get more than just $1,000.


Yes I got an email yesterday. They now state that there is $1000.00 dollars available upfront for each employee (up to $10,000.00 max per employer (10 employees)). Big Deal! How is that supposed to help?

That is the same plan I signed up for, and the reply I got above is the same grant.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see Robert
What would you do with the 10K if you got it?
I’b get me a couple of new servers . And get all new equipment

Roy, where did you apply? Through the SBA, your bank, or ???

If you look in your personal account.
As long as the IRS has your routing number and what not you probably already have 1200 sitting in it if you’re married filing jointly.

Brian and Robert already said it, but I got the same email this AM - Basically, it is re-adjusting for just paying out 1K per employee via the SBA program. It is really kind of poor that they change it all up, but understand that the money needs to spread out to others as well…I wish I would have listed my wife and daughter as employees too! :rofl:

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Robert, got my notice today that the limit is 1000/ employee. What a joke. i wont be continuing with this BS program. Once again the life blood of the country, the small business, sole proprietor, is going to be screwed while big corp and kennedy center scores big.


Capital investment. Pay creditors.


I applied for the EIDL back on the 30th of March. Got a confirmation number but haven’t heard anything since then. From what I understand about the PPP program its mainly for companies with employees and the rules that go with I opted not to apply.


Put mine in a week ago and saw a couple of days later that due to lack of funds it was now going to be $1,000 per employee. Got the $1200 yesterday. Big deal! The European countries have guaranteed 80% if they keep their businesses going and don’t lay off employees. I read today that the grant money is almost gone so can probably kiss that $1,000 goodbye too! I think we are on our own. But the airlines will get $25 Billion each!


I also put mine in a while back, then got the email to re-apply a couple days ago. Just logged in to put in a new application and it appears that they are no longer even accepting new applications.