SBCCI What the ?????? Who the ??????

Builder will not let anyone inspect a house for buyer(in the sales contract) unless they are part of Southern Building Code Congress International, sbcci.

I don’t even know who they are. I do not do code inspections, it is discouraged here in North Carolina.

I googled it…

Up until the creation of the International Building Code there were traditionally three building code agencies in the U.S. - BOCA, BCSSI, and UBC. They joined into one agency called the International Code Council. You might still have a rogue building departments out there using 10 year old codes, but most people would be using an IBC or the IRC code today. ICC offers inspection certifications for building inspectors.

I should have said be a member of. Looks like they sell books. I need to join another organization?

Tell the builder to get with the times, because the SBCCI has not been around for years. It’s now ICC.

I looked at the ICC site and do not know what level of membership to choose. Are a lot of inspectors members of this group. What level would you recommend.

I became a member and took the tests. Here in ATL you needed to have ICC certifications to inspect new homes. That was the only reason I got them. BUt now I don’t think the builders could care less, mainly because there aren’t many around anymore.

What member level did you pick, the site is confusing. What did it cost you. Thanks.

What member level did you pick, the site is confusing. What did it cost you. Thanks.

Brian usually sleeps in on Tuesday mornings.

Once you obtain a certification then you can join as a certified member for $75 a year.

I wouldn’t do new construction inspections unless you know the code that is used in your area. You should be code certified if you plan on doing inspections of new construction.

Most home inspectors in North Carolina are also licened general contractors. Therefore, we are just as qualified to inspect the house as the builder who built it. I do new home inspections on regular basis. I am not looking at code issues since I am not a code inforcement officer. I will however, point them out if they are a deficiency without calling out the specific code violation. It is either right or wrong and code has very little to do with it for the home inspector. I point out standard building practices and leave the code deffinition to the code officer. Since I am licensed to build the house I have no problem inspecting it. Code is a minimum standard and a large part of the home inspection is not even covered by the code.

I never quote code recommendations in a report as I could care less about the code. I mean when I inspect a house it is either built by standrad building practices are it isn’t. Using code references in your report only implies that you are an expert in the code requirements. I know the code but I never quote it. If I end up explaining my report to a judge I don’t have to use the code as a guideline for what I reported. Therefore my report is my opinion of the condition of the house at the time of inspection and not the code’s opinion reported by me.

Remember we are not code inspectors and if you use code remarks or quotes in your reports you can be held to that minimum standard and not your professional opinion.

Well said. Worth repeating.