Scam MOLD Removal Companies Video

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Self proclaimed mold removal experts? Huh?

Hey, dammmmmmitttttttt, when someone DOES have a mold problem,
how about FIRST…finding/locating all of the causes/sources that led
to the freakin` problem to begin with.


“Experts agree on one thing; if you`ve got mold you need to get rid of it.
MORE importantly, you need to eliminate the CAUSE”

“FIND the moisture, ELIMINATE the moisture,clean up the mold”

“LOCATE and fix leaks immediately”

“Cleaning up the mold is NOT enough. You must FIND the water source
and eliminate it”

Ding fries are done, ding fries are done, ding fries are done,ding fries are

Same kinda crap-o-la as these Inside waterdiverting Co`s, some who
actually ‘do’ mold removal, ha!!! Yeah, they wanna allow water to continue
to enter basement, put some BS white paneling up against interior of bsmt
wall and then tell ya yer all-set,A-ok…blccchttt! They install this garbage
to hide/conceal the wall, to hide any mold,efflorescence and/or cracks
that can widen.

G Carlin… ‘some people need to be smashed across the face repeatedly with
a piece of heavy mining equipment and thrown screaming from a helicopter’

‘THE’ Tragedy…Jim Beam, ‘THE’ Bourbon

Good Night Canada!,0,1240443.story

Hi John –
Needless to say, I run into scam mould remediators all the time, and they all have one thing in common: 1) A scam mould inspector.

I just wrapped up a large project wherein the local “mould inspector” (who is actually a geologist) was so entirely incapable of demonstrating technical competency in moulds, that ultimately he had to resort to whole scale fabrication of “facts” in order to support his claims.

Legitimate mould remediators generally don’t really address mould at all – legitimate mould remediators address moisture and material damage issues; the mould just happens to be cleaned up along the way.

Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist
Forensic Applications Consulting Technologies, Inc.

The opinions expressed here are exclusively my personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect my professional opinion, opinion of my employer, agency, peers, or professional affiliates. The above post is for information only and does not reflect professional advice and is not intended to supercede the professional advice of others.)


Hi ya Mr C,

I bet you see lots of scammers :wink:

Fla couple charged with faking mold remediation lab results

Well, well … That was interesting. Thanks for the article.

In my case, I often get a chance to arrest the offenders … that’s kind of a nice feeling!



That mkes no sense at all. So you are saying they do no spore cleanup?

If you stop the water, the mold drys up and stops putting out spores. Then you remove the affected material and you have no further problem.

Spores cause the problem (to humans), but the mold produces the spores. Dry mold puts out no spores and is not a problem (unless it gets wet again).

Hope this helps;

But when you clean up mold all the spores in the air and at least all horizontal surfaces need cleaning. You will continue to breath these spores in if they are not cleaned up. Think of it like the puffy floating seeds of a Dandelion, but microscopic size. The Dandelion may be dead but not the seeds.

And after you clean them up there will still be lots more still there .
Stop the water and you do not have a mold problem… Cookie

A successful clean up of mold results in not alot of spores being left behind. You got to do alot more than just stopping the water. Just pull an air sample sometime after the water is stopped and the mold growth is dry. Mold can pull moisture out of the air and still stay alive, still producing spores.
The more spores that are left behind, the more chance mold will just start growing when it gets the moisture it needs. Mold growth have been found in the human body, eating away the tissue such as sinus cavities and lungs.

I do not care how great you do in removing the mould spores .
Just lets say you get 100% of them gone ( we all know is impossible ) .
Next week take a mould sample and wala you have mould spores again .
Now add food and nothing happens Now add water and you have Mould growing .
Mould is mother natures way of destroying old dead stuff.
With out mould we would have a large pile of refuse every where.

… Cookie

I don’t mean to offend anyone…and I hope I don’t…but mold identification and remediation is quite overblown, IMO.

Throughout the summer, my television weatherman is telling me how many ppm of various molds are floating throughout the air affecting my sinuses. Am I supposed to go into shock when this stuff enters my home as my house breathes it in…or my clothes…shoes…etc?

I think there are more people in danger of RE salesmen wanting to control home inspectors through legislation, predatory mortgage lenders, and unlicensed contractors than they are in danger of this naturally occuring substance.

Just my thoughts.

Yes, you can not stop mold from growing when enough water is introduced. I have tested behind remediation companies that have remediated the mold correctly, even weeks after they have completed. The spore counts was still very low, just as it would if I had tested the day after they had completed.
The spore counts will stay low as long as a high level of moisture is not introduced into the environment.
How do you know if all the mold is removed if you leave residual mold spores in the air? Mold can hide behind many surfaces.

I was just talking about mold spores that are considered toxic. Most molds will not hurt the average person.
Yes, I have seen more people who got hurt by Contractors, Mortgage Lenders and Realtors than mold. At least that can be proved.
My friendly argument with Roy is just that. I will probably not going to get him to understand about mold. Heck, I probably can’t even get him to spell mold right.:slight_smile:

Great discussion
But it is just a few who have trouble spelling Mould .
The scientific world ( including those in the USA) and all others spell it the English way .
I like these discussions as others can see not every one See’s things the same.
A great read is a gentleman in Colorado who often post’s here and did on this one .
Love his way of showing how serious Efflorescence is too.
His web site has a lot of information … Cookie
Caoimhín P. Connell
Forensic Industrial Hygienist
Forensic Applications Consulting Technologies, Inc.


Good post Roy…if all the inspectors and the general public read all the information available by a licensed industrial hygenist such as provided in Mr. Connell’s website

There would be less hyteria in the world and more to the point FACTS about the subject matter…!!!

I spell mold the way it was spelled before Industrial Hygienist ever existed. The way it is spelled in the Bible.
I found some things in the past that was just wrong in Mr. Connell’s posts. I have asked for his mold certifications, on this message board, for I could better understand where he was coming from. I have not heard from him since. I have met a lot of Industrial Hygienists who claim to know a lot about mold and leading people down the wrong path. Emptying their wallets and making the environmental conditions in their homes worse.
I know I must get on my Industrial Hygienist’s, who is certified in mold, nerves because I am constantly asking him why he wants me to do it that way. I think sometimes he just gets too busy and forgets to write down a step. It is the same after I look at his lab report. I give him a call to make sure I am not miss reading the report.

Be careful at where you get your facts from.

His mold certifications?..for Gods sake he is a licensed Industrial Hygienist, he sure all hell didn’t go to one of ProLabs 8 hr. your a mold inspector courses.

Simply unreal…:shock: