schedule 40 for exterior recept?

besides the exposed wiring is the sched. 40 pipe not permitted for exterior gfci’s conduit? this was quite a doozy of a place.

the second pic is the garage sub pan with tape across it saying “live current”. if it wasn’t so unsafe it would be laughable.




Schedule 40 electrical conduit is permitted where not subject to physical damage. Subject to physical damage condition would require SCH 80 PVC.

Doesn’t schedule 40 deteriorate in direct sun?

Listed PVC Sch40 is sunlight resistant and is surface marked as part of it’s listing.

Thanks. That helps alot. I should have looked further in the IRC.

Site for pvc products. Recommends painting with latex paint.

IRC table E3701.4 indicates that RNC neds to be Sched 80 if exposed to sunlight and physical damage.

That would coincide with Article 352 of the NEC. No exposure to physical damage, then Sch40 is fine even in direct sunlight.

Remember…just because PVC is exposed…does not always mean it is subject to physical damage. If the determination is made that it is subject (which anyone could make a case that anything is subject) the recommendations are made in the form of a FPN to use Sch 80.

Again…as with anything we are subject to location determination.

I’m surprised that no one has noticed that this appears to be PVC plumbing pipe.