Exterior Conduit

Does anyone have the wording for the proper type of exterior conduit. I found some lines yesterday that were run in white schedule 40 pvc, not the grey usually approved for electrical work. Thanks in advance.

Plumbing pipe is not a listed raceway and not approved for containing wiring

A decent write-up can probably be constructed form:2003 IRC E3702.3.2 Protection from Physical Damage. Where subject to physical damage, cables shall be protected by conduit, electrical metallic tubing, Schedule 80 PVC rigid non-metallic conduit, pipe, guard strips or other approved means.

Thanks guys- That’s just what I was looking for. Much appreciated.


if you need an NEC Reference here you go in regards to the protection issues if it exists - Art. 300.5(D)(4)

And as greg stated the concuit is not UL listed for use if it is white plumbing pipe…

Thanks Paul.