Scope of ESA audit?

Ok here’s the scenario:

house was built in 2007, basement was just recently redone-metal studs were used. In the visible portions of the basement the wiring was improperly supported, no grommets were used, no GFCI was installed in the basement bathroom and the wiring was pulled so tight around the corners it cut into the drywall.

So I wrote the whole thing up and the client was suitably concerned. Now the vendor is saying they’ll have an ESA audit and fix anything that is reported.

will the ESA audit identify defects behind the finished portions or will they just flag the visible portions, ignoring the rest of the basement which is 99% likely to be wired poorly? Anyone know how they “audit” a finished basement?

I think you have transferd the concerns to another party and you are off the hook .
I would say nothing and do nothing more .

I want to know for my own information–people are always going on how the ESA audit is all that and a slice of bread and I want to see if the client is actually getting some benefit from it.

The insurance companies are happy and we know how hard it is to please them.

I would recommend that a licensed electrical contractor be contacted for repairs listed and to expect more problems not identified in the report.

Whatever client decide is no longer my problem.

As usual, Marcel’s wisdom meets with my vote! Seems to me that the inspector’s liability is not in question, as I understand it.