Screw& washer in circuit breaker

Did an Inspection a few weeks ago, found screw & washer in the main circuit breaker, I did not continue with inspection of panel due to this, told buyers I would reinspect if this was removed.
Now getting message from buyer that seller had electrician come buy and said it was OK and up to code.

Would like others opinion

That holddown is required to be there. It holds the breaker securely to the bus.

As the electrician stated this is fine, actually it’s part of the requirement for back-fed circuit breakers to have a screw, rivet, clip or some other device to hold them in place. From the NEC:

Thanks for the feed back, This is the first time I have seen this application.

electrical inspection course is needed

Kinda gives you a warm feeling down your leg don’t? :mrgreen:
Just goes against common sense if you don’t know what you’re looking at.


So the next time you see a backfed main disconnect, you will write it up as a defect if it does not have a retention device?

Not all retention devices are visible with the cover on. Some can only be seen near the mounting rail, if not obscured by wires.


We all end up with egg on our face sometimes. You can limit that by doing two things.

  1. Look up your questions on site. Had you simply googled “screw in breaker” , or “breaker with screw” the answer would have been on the first page of Google. For other situations get some code books or reference material in your truck or on your phone.

  2. Get some colleagues on speed dial. I text a few guys regularly. You are more than welcome to text me when ever you want.

You could also spend more time on this forum. It’s come up many many times.

Juan is correct here.

And probably more importantly, don’t say anything to your client on site unless you are 100% sure about what you are saying. Try keep a poker face until you research and find out the answer, before putting it in writing.

Typical for Bryant/CH and other panels where a back fed main is involved. I know that when you see it for the first time your like what the… but I can assure you its ok and to code.

Threw me the first time too