SE Conductors and Main OCP sizing

So I wrote up the breaker as oversized for the SE conductor size. 200-amp breaker connected to #1 copper. The electrician said its ok. What am I not understanding.



Those look like the conductors supplied from the factory.

Thanks for your quick reply, Jim. I spoke with the factory and they apparently have UL listings for SE conductors that differ from NEC requirements. I’m not sure how to handle this in the future. Is it just the all-in-ones that are factory wired? Or do you think I should tell my client that it may be a factory installation and to check with the electrician.

If this was installed at the factory it has been listed and approved. There is no need to have someone look at it again. That is like taking a new car to the mechanic.

Also there are two sets so each one is only carrying 1/2 the 200 amps.

Thank you Robert. That is extremely helpful.

This can be tricky but ultimately you need to determine what is factory wiring and what is field wiring. The factory wiring is built to standard as part of it’s listing. From the electrician’s perspective this should not be reported as a defect in fact it should not be reported at all.