Sears Furnace Age Help

Model # 867.769213
Serial # H637 10445

High Efficiency model made by Central Furnace

My Preston’s Guide does not show a Sears Model # of 867.76213. Could the last number be 76223 or 76233?

My Preston’s Guide does not show a Sears Model # of 867.76213. Could the last number be 76223 or 76233?

I missed a number 867.769213

Looks to be about 1986-1987



Thanks Gerry

There are four clues there that need to be used to tie things together:

  1. Sears
  2. H6 in the serial number
  3. High efficiency
  4. Central Furnace

If all four of those are correct, then it looks to be an August 1996 model. Taking any one clue by itself could result in erroneous dating.

Thank you Russel where did you get this technical information so I dont have to keep asking for help.

They like to keep it secret to stay useful Rick.

Hey, Rick.

I had a heating and cooling company back in Houston many years ago – alright, you caught me – many decades ago.

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