SEC clamps/raceways/grounding bushing confusion...

Hey folks,
Been trying to figure out when a grounding bushing is required. Here in DC, most residences don’t use any type of raceway/metal conduit between the meter and electrical panel, and secure the SECs with a standard clamp/locknut.


However, often the SECs are behind drywall and I can’t verify it’s just using a clamp/locknut, and not a metal raceway. Should I recommend a grounding bushing be installed (given that not all the concentric knockouts are used)?

My understanding is that the grounding bushing is required only when there’s a metal raceway.


Are you asking about a SE cable connector? They do not require any type of bushing.

Service entrance conductors should not be in the walls. Services need to be as short as practical. Feeders can be concealed.

I guess I’m referring to the feeders where they enter the main electrical panel in the house.