SEC will regulate climate change

There goes your investments, Nick!

the proposed rule would actually require companies to disclose not only their own greenhouse gas emissions, but also those of their entire supply chain

Oh the horror!

Just consider the administrative burden this places on the business. Then, consider what they are going to do with the information?

Won’t someone think of the multinational energy corporations?!? How will they keep the lights on with the paperwork needed to disclose the amount of environmental toxins they emit?!

THAT was a good chuckle.

The article explains that. Advertisers and investors can use that information to decide who to partner with. Given that these energy companies have known for over half a century that these toxins effect our world, seems like pretty vanilla regulations

So in this recession and inflationary economy your willing to bear the increased costs this will inflict on not just the consumer (you are one) but all the investments people make, 401k, pension plans, etc. If you are one of those ‘sky is falling’ climate activists it won’t matter when you can no longer put food on the table, shelter or clothe your family. Think that won’t happen? Guess again.

Fortunately this will be ruled unconstitutional (just as the EPA ruling) because it far exceeds the authority of the SEC allowed by law.


I’ve been in the recycling industry for 15 years. Businesses already do this to gain favor with one another.

The world will be shocked when they see full disclosure of the so called green companies such as wind mills, solar panels and electric cars.

But mostly it will be used as a weapon for the government to control. Just as the EPA, which has it’s purpose but has been abused.

Raising interest rates has little effect on reducing inflation, but raising taxes does…

I don’t see how. It’s just disclosing information. We’re talking about not only public companies, but “large” public companies. Much of the information is data they already have and all of it is in the context of their business performance. It actually has some exceptions and allowance of self-reported information that some say make it too weak.

This article has much more detailed info than that Fox opinion piece. My favorite part is how companies who make promises regarding emissions have to prove it.