Secret Letter

Honestly - likely not - but one would need to first identify the source. As I stated before its obviously now in circulation. I received it this past week-end, and was surprised by the article.

Chris that is my concern too.

It is obvious that that the person?S who are sending this out are not very good Home Inspectors.
If they where they would not have time to think of dirty actions like this .
They also must be a very jealous type of Person?s .
Why would some one try and do some thing like this that can only hurt all His every where not just the one person.
Example like MIKE Homes did on TV last episode said about how lousy the home inspector is .
A person who does renovations would do a much better job.
This Homes Guy has said this more them once and CAHPI Is paying him big money to come and talk at the CAHPI Conference in Calgary.
He sure is doing the home inspection industry a lot of good with his negative Home Inspector advertising.
If people where smart they would not pay the extra $200:00? to listen to him.
You Can hear his spiel on TV and shout all you want for free.
I think them is the facts ?
Roy Cooke

Is this section one of those “it’s open to the public” forums ?


Now you know why they are requesting background checks. I fully support that move both in Nachi and Oahi and CAHPI.

Has anyone sent this letter to the inspector that has the name in this letter you got??:roll:

The bigger question is what are the Home Inspection associations going to do about information of criminal record when they do their background checks?

Personally I would not allow anyone convicted of an indictable offence into any association, let alone my home if I were the vendor.