Anyone have a Canadian inspector mailing list? OAHI, CAHPI?

I’m trying to send out invitations to

Let me know:

Yes I do but your not getting it! :mrgreen:

You sound like an 8 year old.

I can sell you a Nachi membership list if you like. :slight_smile:

Ex-Members or I should say expelled and disgraced members usually regress.

Mario Pull you lip up over your head and suck in! Mike Holmes says you are another MAX PIES!

Mike Holmes was working as a labourer when I was building and you were working at MacDonald’s.:roll:
You have no business inspecting anyones house wand, you should really think about Pinkerton’s, I hear they are hiring!:shock:

BTW You are a funny guy wand!

Poor poor Mario a failure in life, a failure in love, failure in construction, and a failure as an inspector. All talk and no action.

Raymond Wand,

Now the above statement is really funny!! Thanks for my morning laugh as$hole, love to stay and chat but I have to run. Please feel free to stay on our MB.

BTW You need to get a life…a life that doesn’t include NACHI, or OAHI. Has the verdict been made public about your status with OAHI?

Who is ray? and why would you know what ray received? I see cooke is up to no good again!!:shock: Too funny wand.

Eat your heart out you loser! Your days are waning as a member of Nachi. Word has it you are going to be expelled.

Wrong! Check out his credentials, he was working mall security with his community college degree.:wink:

OAHI does not let out it’s mailing list. And the members forum is down.
I have sent out info to those I know personally.
All our guys are coming.

And he is only 5 years old… pretty good making you think he is eight!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: