See what I see

I have been accused of exceeding sop I would like you to see what I see with very little expended effort. I don’t just operate a furnace from the stat I actually set my skinny butt in front of the furnace with normal excess panels removed only. I don’t just turn the unit on and say yep it is making heat.

The furnace below set off so many red flags hard to list them all here. What caught my eye first was the flue connection from the HWH into the furnace flue and the hole in the canvas return flex joint. This was a down flow furnace return on top. The rectangular return was my next concern went into a wood fur down the same fur down as the furnace flue pipe. My first thought was the return duct made a 90 into the fur down. Visual inspection has to have more vision at this point. I removed two screws from the return air vent shown in the pic and wala what I saw shocked me. The fur down was the return air itself the connection at the top of the furnace ended in the fur down. The furnace flue and about twenty feet of gas pipe inside this return air chamber WOW.

This was installed within a completely finished basement the upstairs furnace also had a gas pipe within the return air must of been the same dumb dude installed both systems.

My point is you don’t have to disassemble a unit to see what is going on you just have to be able to recognize what you see and you Cannot see anything from the thermostat.

Yes this will be turned over to the contractors but after my report is turned in they will not be able to come on board and say OH that dumb HI did not know what he was talking about we install that way all of the time nothing wrong with it. CYA with knowledge and the rest will take care of itself:D

Never know what you might see in those vent covers.
mayfieldfurnace 001 (Small).jpg

…Ay Charley.

Canvas connection open on the return right next to the poor connection on the flue