Need another opinion

I looked at this heating unit today and had some questions. The home was built in the sixties and had some improvements done. My question is after you look at the pics of this, do you have any concerns? The two fent flues are one from the HVAC unit and one from the water heater. The water heater is the one up top. When looking at this unit (located in the finished basement) is when questions startedto pop up. There were three return air vents, two on the top floor (that did not appear to be working) and one in the basement right next to the furnace. It also seemed a little smallish(return air vent). What say you peeps?

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First: does it work? Is it back drafting? Is the upper flue the size of the main flue plus 50% of the second?
Second: have an HVAC contractor look at it. This is a nonstandard application and should be further evaluated.
I don’t like to see that metal tape on the water heater flue pipe. I can imagine what’s underneath.

As far as a return air registers: first of all you cannot adequately service two levels of the same house with the same air duct system unless it is zoned.

Do you also have an air conditioner on this furnace?

Why do they not appear to be working?

The return air balancing is more critical than the supply air balancing. Again, get a HVAC contractor or a TAB technician to balance the air duct.

Thanks for the response. I thought it looked funny and I am going to suggest the heating and air conditioning units be looked at by a professional before closing. There were a lot of things wrong. Starting with the A/C unit, and it only got worse as I explored deeper. I appreciate your responses, and in addition, your questions. The whole system needs an overhaul, in my opinion. Thanks again!


Am I looking at what I’m thinking is that a rectangular duct that both the furnace and the hotwater heater are connected to it appears to be single wall home made with no clearance to the wood that it is pentrating. I would call that as UN-safe it would not fly in this state.

The whole thing felt funny. It appears that a handy man has been doing a lot of “repairs” around the entire home. There were a lot of items that I felt the same thing about. This is the first time I saw something like this and I was concerned about a great many things. Thanks for the advise and I have already told my clients (report and verbal) that they need to get a HVAC tech. before closing.

I want to say something I hope everyone is listening.

This is the worst duct work I have seen in about 10 years. I dont know who put it in for them, but when it was install it was incorrect and by todays standards it is incorrect.

“I dont even know how this passed inspection the first time.”

It did not have to pass inspection the first time probally no permit no inspection???