Seeking advice on First Commercial Inspection

I’m scheduled to do my first commercial inspection tomorrow and I have no idea what I’m getting into. Besides really big what else is different? I don’t know much about the property other than it is 6000 Sq Ft and sounds like a strip mall. She said there are lots of offices… She asked what it would cost and I had no idea… I said I had to look at it first… Any advice would be great. Do I have to call in other inspectors (HVAC, electricians, plumbers, ect?) or just report what I see?

I use subs for HVAC, roofing and electrical.

Dale has a 5 day technical course next month here:

I have a free, short day business course in September here:

When you go to look at the property you need to define your scope of work.
Find out from your client what they expect to have you look at.

For instance if there were to be a mechanical room with pumps and motors will the client require you to determine if they work or are functional.

Each commercial inspection is going to be different because of the scope of work. You will take the clients expectations and align it with your commercial standards of practice.

Hire other professionals for anything that you feel you will need assistance with. I believe it will also make you look better not attempting the entire inspection on your own.

HVAC, Electrical, Roof, Mechanical Equipment all hired out.
Then again I have done small commercial properties like this by myself.

Quick cost for average is .16/SQFT plus costs.
6000 SqFt = $960

Dale Duffy is a great resource on the message board.

6000 sf (should) be simple, just get a helper to turn on the thermostats, and help with interiors, it shouldn’t take more than 4-5 hours at most if you have someone who can at least inspect a home helping you.

I charge $.15 -.45 per foot depending on the scope. Most just want the major systems and components inspected, their easier than a home inspection and you make twice as much money.

Shoot me an email or call if you need more help.