Commercial Inspection suggestions

I have commercial inspection for a motel of 11 rooms on 24th October.
The property is about 4 hours from my location.
Can any one help me as to what i should be charging for the inspection and what should i be inspecting in particular.
If some one can guide me for sample reports for motel inspection would be very helpful.



This is a Commercial inspection. What was the SCOPE of INSPECTION that the Client and you agreed to? Also, how did you possibly set a FEE without knowing the above?

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Like JJ said, you need to agree to the scope of the inspection, with your client, before you can price it.

Thanks for your reply Jeffery,

i havent quoted the fees yet.

The client has arranged for plumber and electrician for inspecting the property.

They have baseboard heating and window air conditioner.

Client just want me to find defects so he can rework on the price of property if possible.

Thanks Larry,

Client has arranged for plumber and electrician and the property has window air-conditioner and base board heating.