Self Closing hinges on garage doors

I recently had a builder tell me that self closing hinges on garage doors between garage and the living space were no longer required. Has anyone else heard this.

Nope. I would not recommend it for the obvious safety issues. Check with your local building official

LOL - what’s a self-closing hinge?

After many hours of extensive research, I have determined that it is a hing the closes itself.


And the tension is variable adjusting for the weight of the door.

Picture is optional. :mrgreen::wink:

It depends on where you are at and what code you are under. It was removed in the 2006 IRC, but has reappeared in the 2012 version.

Still required in CA. Where are you located?

@jpope… Philadelphia PA

I would always recommend them regardless of code or what State I’m in (drunk or sober), they’re a good safety addition to any home…

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Here, they are required on fire rated doors, to maintain the fire rating. If the door is not fire rated, it’s not needed.

I suppose you should determine if door is required to be fire rated first

I suppose that would be a good idea. I have already determined that.

When are garage pedestrian doors on attached garages not fire rated?

The hinges are not required but a lot of the builders install them anyhow. I have had a few that don’t.

Either improper door was installed and should have been fire rated or not a requirement :smiley:

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I’m confused. Do we make recommendations to our clients based on local code requirements or safety considerations?

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Personally, I use code. There is no way I’m calling for a self closing door hinge if its not required. Perhaps I’d mention in person.

Are you a code inspector?

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If you want to mention it that’s fine. I choose not to.

You can make all of the recommendations you want. The problem comes in, when a tradesman says, “it isn’t required, and here is the code reference for when this was done”. After a few of those incidents, some may question exactly what you are doing. The wording is the key thing.

Example: The home was built in 1968 and the bathrooms and kitchens have not been remodeled and are original.
There was no G.F.I. protection in the bathrooms. Recommend G.F.I. protection be added to the kitchen and bathrooms.
There was no G.F.I. protection in the bathrooms or kitchen. Although not required when the home was constructed, it may be advisable to add these devices for the protection of personal.

I know a lot of people say “a recommendation is just a recommendation”, but you have to remember the context of the recommendation.

My doctor looks at my damaged knee and recommends surgery. I either take his recommendation or I do not. However, he is an expert in his field and I am just a runner with a bad knee.