seller inspections,with no payment.

hi guys,
I have had feedback from my agents about what they have been hearing from their seminars,they are being told to get their properties inspected prior to sale. No problems you say,this falls under the Move in certified umbrella,so to speak.True, but they dont want their sellers to pay for them,rather have me list these on our website,under a tag called housing stock, then potential buyers can purchase the report directly off me.Has anyone else heard of this?Do you think this is viable?Is there a time period,that is suggested that I can say the report is valid for? example being 100 days?
Any feedback would be great.

As you are a Member here, read through all the threads regarding MIC (Move in Certified), especially the early threads. You will find most of your answers and more are discussed, although some indirectly.

Bottom line… don’t do it (the way they want you to). It is asking for big time trouble. They are trying to excape (for them and the seller) all liability involved with the inspection process.

Stephen do you know why they are told to get listing inspections? Because its a good friggin idea and you are the one to provide valuable service. You need to get paid for that value.

What if the buyers aren’t idiots? They aren’t going to pay for an old inspection.

Even if you run into a few idiots who are willing, they probably aren’t going to pay you $350 for an inspection report that is obviously available for others to purchase. I suspect they wouldn’t even pay 50.

There are other problems with this idea but the fact that you aren’t going to get paid what you are worth should be enough to laugh at the next realtor who suggests this.

Thanks guys,
Appreciate the feedback and the quickness of the response. I will go thru the previous threads as suggested. I thought it sounded a bit difficult, but will keep you posted on my progress.

Just noticed your location. YMMV

Hmmm. You could have some fun with that one.

So in this scenario, the seller agrees to let you inspect their house and write a report about it. You retain all rights to the report, including the ability to sell it to as many people as you choose for whatever price you want, possibly even to the home seller themselves.

So, your marketing of this report would, by necessity, need to include many titillating and potentially alarming teasers in order to generate interest amongst potential report purchasers (just like the news programs do). It would be essential that the advertising be as sensational as possible, because we know sensationalism SELLs. Of course you would need to buy ad-words on Goolgle so that anyone who searches on the address will find your ALARMING!, MUST READ REPORT including numerous SAFETY RELATED ISSUES! about this house.

YEP, I could see some real opportunity here… Maybe that Broker hasn’t thought this scheme through fully yet

Thanks, now I know how to respond if this ever comes up for me

Now you’re thinking like Nathan wants you to!