Seller Inspections

So I am now working on my Seller Inspection advertising and have a few questions. First, do you use the same Inspection agreement for a seller inspection that you use for a buyer inspection? I use the InterNachi Inspection agreement on-line now for buyers inspections but do all the content still apply to a seller inspection or should it be modified?

I also found the “A book (pdf) to use to market pre-listing inspections direct to home sellers and listing agents.” and it is quite long and I see that a member can use it, print it and put it on their web site. But is there a word copy that I could use to add my company information and logo’s?

I have also been reviewing the Move-In-Certified and have extracted the documents to the Agent and Seller but so far have not found any reference to the inspection agreement/contract.

Do you do the same type of inspection for a seller? Or are you more “picky” on things? Example - recommend they paint the walls, replace the carpet, fix the hole punch in the wall, etc… and what do you charge? more - less - the same?

I was also trying to decide if I want to just do a paper inspection or like a buyers I bring my computer on site and using the HIP I fill it out as I go along and take a lot of pictures. That’s another question, if the seller is there with you do you really need to take pictures to incorporate into your report?

Any help, suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated !!!

Thanks Ken >

Have only done a few. Always the same inspection. I do them with the seller and any comments or statements he makes becomes part of the report.
The Move In Certified program is great. Every agent that I present it to thinks it is a great program. Problem is getting agents to promote it with the sellers. Money is usually the biggest obstacle. However, the inspection can enlighten a seller to the actual condition of the house. And if he makes needed repairs, could mean a difference of what the house will sell for. It’s a no lose deal for all involved. Just make sure the seller understands that it is the same report you would do for the buyer and it will be inspected that way.

I do the same inspection, same report, same fee. If something is borderline always call it out (you should probably anyway), you know someone else is going to follow you…

Know the seller may want to know what items typically come up in negotiations, they nearly always ask.

I will be doing the same report as for a Buyer.

FYI the HUD or Closing Statement is being revamped I think August 1. At that time any changes will have to postpone closing another 3 days. The title officer who mentioned this was encouraging the REA’s to get Pre Inspections!!! so that there will be one less issue to hold up closing. The changes should apply across the US.

I will also include the SYHFM e book as well. Would love to get it branded. Maybe ask Nick. Aesthetic items might go in an addendum to the report.

I branded the Safe Home book to give to clients. Check it out.

Nice Frank!

Thanks everyone for your input !!!