seller restricting access

Has anyone ever had a seller not allow the buyer to be present during an inspection? The seller is restricting my time on property to an hour and 45 minutes (should not be a problem for the type of property) and stated no one other than the Inspector would be allowed in the property.

I never really had this come up before, does anyone have any input as far as this goes?

I’ve had this problem before. What I’ve done is assured my client that I’ll inspect the home and go over the issues with him/her via pictures off my camera. I’ll ask them to wait for me at a local Starbucks.
What you don’t wanna do is upset the seller and get kicked out as well (which I’ve also done and lost the inspection.)

Remember… Sellers are Buyers and the way you deal with the situation may lead to another inspection thru the seller.

It could harm the transaction if buyer feels restricted as well as creating a suspicious environment. At the end of the day it’s their call but I would be on high alert. Take a gabillon pictures and evaluate further after the rush. He’s trying to hide something or there is the possibility that the seller has a phobia of some kind and the max he or she can take is 1hr 45.

Once. I told my client that it was not my inspection but theirs. I was only working for them. The realtors finally manned up and explained to the seller that it was the buyers inspection and the buyer had the right to accompany the inspector.

I’m no real estate lawyer. But I would believe that if there is an inspection period, the seller would be in breach of contract to refuse to allow the buyer to attend the inspection.

Hope it helps.

My Daddy always warned me about folks that try to rush you to a decision Bid, proposal etc…

I’m not so sure about that. The Inspection Contingency is to have all inspections performed. I do not recall ever seeing it stated that the buyer has a **right **to attend the inspection. I could also understand a Seller wishing to restrict who has access to his home if occupied. If the home is vacant, not so much.

Refer back to the Real Estate Sales agreement.

Ours state that the seller is to provide access for inspections.

I tell them it takes as long as it needs to and if there are any restrictions for time, reschedule the inspection when there are not. I have told many sellers that it is a preferable for my clients to be present, which is how I avoid the second part of your scenario.

I would be packing as maybe they are just hungry??? Hmmmm… Nice little plump inspector for lunch…sounds a little to restrictive and controlled to me. Most specifically the time restraint… I would never rush my time on site as this is what the seller is paying for. Should I get distracted in my hurry and miss something, no chance as this is my profession and reputation. I would agree with Eric , they can negotiate an extension on there contingency if need be to allow for this. MHO

Here in Florida, it’s often the ‘buyers’ right to inspect. Hiring a professional inspector is optional. The devil is the details of the contract.

Some of my investor are buying properties with NO right to inspect. Once their offer gets accepted, they have about 24 hours to deposit earnest money. We run in and do an inspection during that window…

You are correct Jay. It’s all in the details… of the contract.

I do not know if a Buyer has the**inherent **]( to be a participant in the physical inspection of a home. I don’t recall ever seeing it actually spelled out in a contract.

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I’m not sure what your situation is but In my situation I would have declined the inspection and explained to the buyer the reason. Business for me has been good and i’m in a position where I do not have to close every single inspection that comes my way.

Just my opinion.

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