Selling my FLIR C2

I am selling my FLIR C2 IR camera. The camera is in excellent condition.

I am asking for $600 CAD

If you have any specific questions about the camera, send me an email.

They retail for $699 new, that’s $600 more than they’re worth.
You can get them on Ebay for less than you’re asking.,true&chn=ps&lpid=82,82

Your link is suggesting a price of $575 in USD, I am asking for $600 CAD (I should have mentioned that in my post). $575 USD is approx. $780 CAD. So I am asking for approx. $200 less than what a brand new unit would cost. I will edit my post to say $600 CAD

New units are going for:

  • approx. $900 CAD on
  • $899 CAD on FLIR.**ca


This camera is now SOLD.