Sensorcon Detector

Added this personal Carbon Monoxide Detector this week. Anyone else using one?

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For 10 years.
Sniff for flammable gas, Bacharach Leakator 10 Portable Combustible Gas Leak Detector and VOC.

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That’s a good unit, many fire departments use them. Calibration is required once every six months.

I concur. Over $600.0 plus tax in Canada. Bloody nice unit.

I almost bought one when I started inspecting. I realized it was for industrial professionals and sought out something a home inspector would use. With the Bacharach Leakator 10 Portable Combustible Gas Leak Detector, I did spend the extra dollars to insure quality through. Many homes have LP and NG in my neck of the woods.

I used the Sensorcon PRO for several years. It is a durable unit and reliable. I really prefer to wear a device so that if something is going on in a home, you are constantly monitoring for CO while inside the home. One thing my PRO does that I do not like is that it takes some time to reset back to “0” after a detection event. I had it serviced and they told me that was normal. The last couple of years I have switched over to the BW Clip made by Honeywell. It comes with a 2yr warranty and you don’t have to change batteries. At the end of 2 years it goes dead and you replace it. It is very durable and accurate. What I really like is that it comes with two “set points” I believe 35 and 200 ppm. I actually ordered mine with custom set points of 10 and 30ppm. I like to know if there is any CO present in the home. So mine alarms at 10ppm which is not real serious but may be a clue that you might have something going on. If it is over 30ppm I get a different alarm. Here is a link to a company that sells it: They sell two units, you want to get the one that is “Real Time.” If not, you get an alarm but no display of the CO value. I am not affiliated with that company in any way, just have used them and feel comfortable with their service.

I still carry the sensorcon as a backup, since it can be shut off, I know I have a backup unit I can go to if I have concerns about the test results.