sepic dye tablets

does anyone know where i can get the dye tablets that are used to check to see if the septic is leaking in the yard, supposed to change the grass a different color thanks

Almost all dye in the N. America is made by


Yep, those are made by Presto too. Identical labels:

you are wasting your time and money with that type of foolish ‘test’.

It is not acceptable to HUD and not recognized by the EPA nor most states’ EPAs.

thanks for the help

Septic dye does not determine that a septic system is working properly, but can damn sure let you know that a septic system isn’t working properly.

I’m a licensed waste water treatment system installer.

The tagline of that article is “Dye proves a connection between two points… nothing more, nothing less”

Exactly. And if those two points are a toilet and a creek… the dye test proves there is a problem.

Dye alone cannot be used to pass a septic system inspection, but it sure can be used to fail one. Many inspections are similar (Meth, Termites, etc). You can never really be sure there isn’t a problem, but you can sometimes be sure there is.

Septic dye is only used as a tracer… Only. The days of using it to confirm the proper operation of a system are long gone.

If your not digging up the Tank, D-Box and EDA then your not doing a proper septic inspection.

The dye is just a tool used in the process.

Go here for more info. on the proper septic inspection method.

Here is another link where you can purchase the dye.

Ronald -

As a state registered septic installer for the past 10-15 years I’ve been buying mine from Professional Equipment. Works good for what the do.

They can get open tank (the best test) for $350 & pumper for $125


tracer test (dye tabs) for $75

In Port St. Lucie, FL a HI is not allowed to render any opinion on a septic sys unless he is a lic’d plumber or septic sys installer.

Pete -

Hes not allowed to speed either.