Septic dye test report.

To anyone who does offer/ do septic dye testing. Is there anyone that can share a couple sample reports? And also is there any special report template for septic dye tests? Thank you.

Joshua, we do septic inspections here in NH but do not use any dye testing as we believe such testing is inadequate. We dig and open the septic tank and dig at least 2 test pits in the leaching area to observe the actual conditions. Dye testing does not meet the standards of the NH Septic Evaluators program and soon to be implemented NH septic licensing. Be careful of the liability you are accepting by performing a dye test.

Thanks Mark, I do understand the liability of the dye testing. However dye testing seems to be the assumed standard testing for real estate in PA. The only reason I am considering it is not many inspectors/ plumbers offer it and it understandable. And the contractors that do will not contract out to other inspectors. Just wondering how much do you charge for the septic inspections.

Thanks again.

Hi Joshua,
From the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association:


Similar to meth testing, dye tests are good for failing septic systems, but not so good for passing them.