Service Alberta-approved home inspection contract.

Interesting. Probably looks like what may be soon needed here in Ontario

Kind of long 7 pages!

That’s what they approved.

We condensed it down without changing it:

Nick, did you look at it after you condensed it down? Everything is running together. I’ve opened it on three different computers and it seems pretty unusable in its present form.

That is pretty messy. I would have to re do the entire document to use it.

It’s a WORD doc so you should be able to change the spacing to your liking.

In contrast, our service agreement, fully approved by the Real Estabe Board (OACIQ, which as near licensing as you can get) is only 3 pages long.


This is interesting. I have been using a contract that was approved by Services Alberta when licensing was first initiated. 2 pages. Covers what is needed under the Licensing act for Inspectors in Alberta. Now waiting for CSA 770 to improve the contract for compliance.
Why the 7 pages?

Alberta buying into CSA baloney?