Contract Delivery

(Christopher Tasker) #1

Hello all, I thought I would post this in the Alberta section as it relates to us, I am curious as to how you guys are handling the Contract Process seeing that we need to deliver 24 hours in advance, for me there seems to be a lot of steps involved and thought I would seek advice and a better system, as it stands this is the only way I have figured out how to deal with this.

First,I gather as much info as possible, transfer it to the contract, forword the contract via email so the client receives in advance, print out hard copy, bring to inspection for signatures, scan to pc, convert to pdf, and forword with finished pdf report.

Anyways thought I would check, the service Internachi offers I beleive will not work with our contract, any other service out there to simplify, If I lived in a smaller community I would just go out in advance and meet with client and get signatures, although not feasable in Calgary, to much Gas and land mass and traffic, etc, thanks in advance.

(Daniel W. Levia, CMI, CCHI) #2

Hi Chris,

You are right, there doesn't seem to be an easy way. I do pretty much the same, although there are ways to have the client give acceptance to a contract over the web. I am afraid that I am just not computer savy enough to do it. If anyone else wants to jump in, feel free to do so....
I will be meeting with some other inspectors on Saturday and I'll see how they are handling it and then let you know.

(Christopher Tasker) #3

Thanks Dan, any info to lighten the load is appreciated.

(Vern Mitchinson, CCHI CMI) #4

Steve Horvath has a system where the client fills out the form on his web site.
Not sure of the details but it sounds like you can set up a process on your web site for the client to read and sign the thing electronicly.
Sent SH an email for more details.

(Christopher Tasker) #5

Thanks Vern, look forword to learning more.

(Kevin Hawes, CMI, CCHI) #6

Christopher, I do the contract thing in a fairly similar way to you, but I have managed to eliminate a few steps which saves me time and paper.
I have a contract template set up on my computer; I can add specific details to it such as address, client name, etc. etc. all the pertinent stuff that a client may not properly complete if left to fill out on their own.
When a client books an inspection (usually over the phone, but sometimes through email correspondence) I prefill what I need into the contract template. I advise them that I will send them an email ‘tentatively confirming’ the inspection. This email is form letter I have stored in my computer and on GOOGLE DOCS so its accessible from everywhere I am. The email advises the clients info about the inspection etc. and that there is an attachment with the email called the Inspection Agreement (contract) which they must read, complete, initial, sign and return to me before the inspection appointment is confirmed; no exceptions.
Most clients complete the form on their computer or print it and complete/sign it then scan it back to me by email reply (occasionally they fax it back to me).
Then I have the signed Inspection Agreement downloaded on my computer, and I can add my own signature to complete the contract. I can add the completed contract to the clients inspection report when done and email it, or I can print the contract for them and present it at the inspection if they attend, whatever they like.
This also helps to stop the clients from cancelling on you last minute; if they dont return the completed and signed contract, within the specified time frame, they dont get an inspection done. Most people are pretty good about being diligent and returning the completed contract on time. Occasionally I have to send a reminder email to clients who have not completed and signed the contract, as some people need a reminder; or… it is usually at that point they tell you they have changed their mind or booked elsewhere/or for cheaper etc… either way, you have time to fill that appointment time slot with another client.
I do wish some of the “systems” on the market today were more flexible for our Alberta requirements, but for now, they way I do it does not take up a large amount of time and minimizes paper. Hopefully this helps you and others a little bit.