Service Drop Clearances Graphics

I am looking for a new Graphic to use on reports showing the minimum height requirement over yards, driveways, pools etc… What ya got Homies? If you want you can email me the full size graphic…:wink:

Thanks In Advance.


What is a friveway?:smiley:

HAHAHA, it’s when an old man hit the key next to the D. when tired from a long day…hahaha


I make lots of errors and funny thing is when you are looking at others they seem to pop right out at you.

Same one I use for friveway clearance.

What about clearance in the back yard??? Or from the ground in general? I’ve often wondered this, because all I have is a reference like what’s posted here, clearances from drives, roofs, etc.
In fact, the one yesterday, I could have “dunked a basketball” over it very easily.
I always report it, just never have a reference.

Try the POCO’s website - these are the requirements for Idaho Power.

Do the same clearances apply to feeders from a house to a detached garage?

Yes, of course.

Although they’re basically the same they’re found in Article 225 not Article 230 of the NEC.

Also some service drops aren’t covered by the NEC at all if they’re under the sole control of the utility.