Service Entry is fine

I had a Seller tell the Buyer (my client) that he had an Electrician tell him that the SE (on the side of the house) did not need to be replaced as of yet. He says it’s fine.

I asked him if he had the Electricians inspection paperwork or some sort of receipt. He says he can’t find it. Ya…OK.

Now I want you all to tell me that this SE is fine…

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Not only does it need to be replaced, it’s held there with one hook.

That ceased being “fine” a good many years ago.

I bet they also bragged about the “new siding”


I told my client that it needs replacing. It’s pretty obvious.

I just hate it when the homeowner overrides my opinion and states that I’m wrong. That’s why I asked for paperwork, which I knew he wouldn’t come up with. Home owner’s will say anything to sell their home.

They must think we’re all newbies in this biz.


Speaking of new siding, I told my clients that every bit of the siding needed to be removed and re-installed professionally. Hackers installed this siding. Loose and improper installation throughout the entire house. The transition areas were a joke.

Here’s the rear of the house…

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Oh My, That Se Is Naked!


I am more worried that the SE cable is not secured to the side of the house rather than its overall condition.

There is insulation under the steel reinforcement and unless this is breached the cable will remain safe.

What is the condition of the cable where the SE joins the utility’s lines? If the insulation up there is starting to degrade then I would be worried.

too funny… naaawwwt…

unfortunately i see that often… both the loose and the worn… nice stuff!

“fine”-ally due to be replaced!

I simply deferred the entire electrical system and I did make note to add proper attachments to SE cable, securing it to building.