how would you write this up? this is the exterior service…and not in conduit.
Do i simply recommend getting it IN something, or evaluation by an electrician?
or would you leave it alone?

thanks! 100_3225 (Small).JPG

I would call that a damaged cable assembly, which would require repair, not evaluation.

Great - thank you!! I just wanted another opinion.

Ditto Jeff

Keeping your remarks simple is sometimes the easyest and best way to go

Hey Guys,

Correct statement Jeff…it should not be something they come along and wrap with electrical tape…that would an improper fix…However, it is important that if they ask…is to why this got this way and obviously it is loose as that is NOT an approved support method…and it moves back and forth along the side of the house and ended up damaging the sheath…so it needs to be repaired and properly supported…otherwise it will happen again.

that’s what we told the client - & showed her while we were there. We didn’t want someone to just try & “fix” it quickly & not realize the importance. thanks again!!

So…Ohio homeowners are now utilizing vinly siding components to attach SE cables to the side of the building. Hmmmmmm.

How much do the brackets cost?

That was most likely the vinyl guys decision to use that for SEU straps when the house was sided. You’d think at pennies a piece they would carry a box each of 100a and 200a size SEU straps on thier trucks.
Naaaah. That would make too much sense.

IMO this is NOT something that should be written up for “repair” or “repair or replacement”. This flat out requires replacement. Period.
There is no “repairing” deteriorated old cloth SEU cable.

Agreed…but it must be defered so the electrical contractor can also see it gets done…sorry Speedy…as a EC when I say repaired it is me saying it needs to be replaced…sorry…lol

So is that vinyl siding or aluminum siding? We don’t see much of that stuff in the Southwest.

Brian, That’s vinyl, what kind of siding do you use in your area?

We use Stucco here. And T-111. Plank type siding is very rare, except in the mountains.