Service Panel in Bathroom

Are there any exclusions that would allow a service panel to be installed in a bathroom that is a half bath with toilet and sink that is shared with laundry room?

Not unless it’s a commercial building.

If you are not pointing this out as many others don’t say anything so they can give soft reports let it be known that Robert says “no exclusions” according to NEC
Your report should clearly show the violation according to standards today IMO.

Kevin, who is this Robert? Are you saying the NEC does not allow a panel in a commercial bathroom? If so you are wrong.

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Not unless it’s a commercial building. 11/8/12 10:14 PM

I read that he said it is allowed in a Commercial building

I should clarify since the question mentioned a service panel. The service disconnecting means in not permitted in any bathroom including a commercial building. A panel is permitted in some bathrooms but not in dwellings. The toilet and sink in the laundry room meets the NEC definition of a bathroom.

When reading the OP I missed the fact that this panel may contain the service disconnect, sorry for the confusion.

Correct and even if it was allowed in a Commercial setting whether it is a disconnect or panel or both, I still would put that it is not allowed in residential. This would be based on the same info Robert just put on the MB.
I have seen “new panels” in bathrooms of older homes here! How is this possible?

It becomes possible when someone finishes the area into a bathroom from the area that contained the panel. Not everyone knows the rules.

Was this a 1978 code or current code ?

The main service disconnect (125 amp.) was located outside, but on the main dwelling.

The prohibition against locating panelboards in bathrooms did not come into the NEC until the 1993 Edition.

FYI…smorris1…their is nothing in the NEC that says you can’t put a panelboard in a bathroom…you can but it can’t have any overcurrent devices in it…:wink: