Bathroom panel

What is the rule for panels in bathrooms on commercial ofice spaces? The units were built in late 70s to early 80s.
Plenty of access room, just near the crapper.

If I’m correct panels were not allowed after 93, but I think sub panels are allowed.

Yep…in Other than Dwellings you could have OCPD’s in bathrooms but as Robert has stated…this would not apply to the service disconnecting means as that would not be allowed in either a dwelling or other than a dwelling bathroom.

OK. Thanks for the response. Why are subs allowable? What is the reasoning with that one.

Well I for the life of me can only say…Because the CODE says so but I am sure their are other reasons but I only deal with the code so I do what is written unless I get involved to change what is written.

Might have something to do with the fact the remote distribution panel is protected upstream by an OCPD while a Service Disconnection Means would not have all conductors within the panel being protected on the supply side…honestly I never gave it much thought really…other than the fact a commercial setting is less likely to have some of the same concerns as a dwelling environment.

Others may have more insite on that than I do…I am not much of a NEC historian myself…just teach how to read it and apply it…sorry

Thanks Paul.
I do very few commercial, and this one had 2 subs in the bathroom. SO I wasn’t quite sure. But if you say its right then I say OK

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