service panel question

Seems like I should know this but…What thoughts does anyone have on a 150amp panel including a 100amp breaker to power a pole barn…usually see this as a subpanel but this breaker was installed as any other breaker would be. Properly installed cable/conduit out to the pole barn from the house. There is a 100amp panel in the barn that has about 8 breakers installed to run the barn.

It seemed odd to see it set up like this…any issue with the general service for the house being 150a and having this 100a addition wired through the panel?

Thanks, Frank

There is no problem if the conductors/OCPD’s and panel stabs are all the proper size. The service could be 150 amps and the pole barn could also be fed by a 150 amp feeder from the service. The real deciding factor is the connected load on the 150 amp service.

Typical 1400 foot ranch. Panel only about 50% used…100a would be plenty for the house itself and yes, everything appears to be correctly sized.

Like Robert said, no issue.

hmmm…so was this “barn” remote distribution panel in compliance with NEC 225.31, 225.32, 225.33 and 225.36?

Thank you, Paul, for requiring me to do more homework. To your question, I would have to say yes, it does meet those requirements. I am accustomed to seeing a sub-panel directly next to the house panel, then the run starting from there. It still seems “wierd”, but I guess it will work. BTW, there were a couple of issues that called for an electrician to correct and I asked that they have him take a look at this set-up and ensure it meets all requirements.

I don’t post a lot, mostly just read them, but I sure get a lot of good advice from your posts and replies.


Just did a similar set up and is ok and approved by ESA here in Ontario