SEU wire clamps

What is the requirement for number of and/or spacing of SEU wire clamps for the exterior from meter base to weatherhead?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure I understand the question. SEU? Wire clamps? Are you referring the displacement of the conduit?

SE Cable 1-1/2’ - 5’
Conduit 5’-6’

The grey wire going up to the weatherhead.


Here is a decent pic, seems like the siding installers typically forget to secure the systems when they are done siding the house.

0525 (Small).JPG

That works. Thanks for sharing.

The SE looked like PVC. Now I understand :wink:

What do you know it is the same in Canada. I guess there is hope!

deleted. More correct article is posted below.

230.51 Mounting Supports.
Cables or individual open service conductors shall be supported as specified in 230.51(A), (B), or ©.

(A) Service Cables. Service cables shall be supported by straps or other approved means within 300 mm (12 in.) of every service head, gooseneck, or connection to a raceway or enclosure and at intervals not exceeding 750 mm (30 in.).

I guess they can’t see your Illustration David!

Well we can see that its wrong. :roll:

As Mike posted it’s every 30" maximum and 12" from the termination. That graphic says something about 5’.

We can see it but it is wrong according to the NEC rules.

First one!