Sevice equipment inaccessability

Saw this service panel on an inspection, yesterday. Owher had finshed the basement and placed the main panel inside the drywall behind a door. The right side of the panel (about 1/4 of it) was behind the wall and the dead front was held in place in that area by wooden blocks.

I am referring it for evaluation by an electrician because of lack of accessability. Comments or other great ideas?


  • Main Panel was inaccessible (not inspected) at time of Inspection.
  • Recommend Professional Electrical and Carpentry repair as needed for further reviews to be conducted prior to closing.


I was able to get the dead front off, so it was inspected. Just wanted to know if the wooden block shimming was bad and the lack of clear accessability.


I think the answer to that is self evident. This is hardly normal way to secure the dead cover nor is it “readily accessible”. I would not have inspected it or even tried to. Too dangerous! Don’t be surprised if the homeowner / seller says “What’s the big deal, the home inspector was able to get into the panel.” It would have been easier to hammer home to the nitwit that boxed it in that it is unacceptable.

Got your point, Doug. I will do that next time.


Any time, Big guy. I do mean BIG guy.


I got you beat on this one from yesterday. Recommend removing the fence!

100_1915 (Small).jpg

Had a similar panel I was working on, but the buried part of the dead-front cover still had the screws installed. There was no way to get to them other than tearing down the new wall (Harry Homeowner special) … opps … :roll:

lol…nice ones guys…