Sewage ejector pump/basin

I came across a sewage ejector pump recently but most of the system was underground so there wasn’t much to see. This is only the second one I’ve seen and I’m curious if anyone could offer some insight - it was operating but it had an abandoned wire coming out of it and the hole for the wires was not sealed allowing sewer gases from the basin to escape. The install also seems wrong to me but I’m not familiar enough with the system to know what to inspect for and what to test. My immediate thoughts are that it’s not very well stabilized and I didn’t see any glaring safety measures in case the pump stops working. The house is on city sewer and is in SC. Hoping to make sure the next time I come across one I know what to look for.

Thanks in advance!

Yes it should be sealed.

I do not know what the wire is for. It could be attached to the float and you could pull on it to test it?

Also, was there a gate valve? Need that.

At this point, report what you see and recommend correction.

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Ahhh that’s what the wire was - I thought tugging it and the pump turning on was a coincidence lol!

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