Sewage ejector toilet

Todays inspection had one of those all in one toilet/pump systems built into a raised platform in the lower level 1/2 bath. I flushed several times and ran water at the sink and the pump would not activate. I was about to give up and inform the buyer that it was defective when I saw a wall switch adjacent to the toilet (thought it was for fan)…hit the switch and the toilet pump activates. I still think this is a defect as it will not automatically pump when full. This thing is completely built in with zero access to any pipes, possible float switches or manufacturer info…Would you write this up as defective because the pump control float switch did not work as expected. Is it allowed to have a manual switch?

Aside from reporting what was observed, e.g., no access to pipes or pump, nor apparent automatic operation, did the pump operate automatically when the switch was in the on position?

Larry, Yes the pump worked when switched…I have seen dozens if not more of these installations and never found one with a manual switch set up… It worked but was an unusual install based on experience.

That’s what you say. “unusual install based on experience.” If the float activator inside is working why the switch? One more thing to go wrong.

Keith, I agree and plan to report it. Thank you for the feedback