Sewage sump pump in basement floor

6 year old house, sewage ejection pump in the basement floor. Has 2 power cords exiting the top. Whats the second cord for?

One is the float switch and it gets plugged in and the other is the Power to the pump, this gets plugged into the float switch.
This allows a person to check the pump with out having to open the sanitary lid by taking the Pump plug out of the float switch and plug it into the Receptacle to confirm that the pump works.

This should have been taught at the plumbing course.

Roy Cooke


Well I should have remembered that but I didn’t. Still, I’m in luck this time because there was no power to plug the system in anyway. There was nothing in the basement to need it at this time as the basement bathroom room is unfinished and only rough plumbed.

Been there and forgot why I went there .
Will do it again next week if I am lucky.

The picture is David has posted is Great If you test a sanitary pump and when it shuts of if you hear a loud hammer it is because the Instaler put the Check in the vertical instead of horizontal .

Did a new home last week and they paid an extra $20,000:00 to sound proof the home .
Besides many squeeky floors and incorrect siding instulation the pump shook the whole home
Roy Cooke