Sewer Gas Kills KC Woman

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Good one thanks Remember stay out of septic tanks too or ( oil beef Hooked ) say it out loud

Homes that have been vacant for some time can often experience this. The water in the trap evaporates opening the home to sewer gas from the street or the septic tank. Whenever I tell this to Realtors some look at me like a calf staring at new gate. Just did a POS house that all the drains were in pieces under the sinks. I cancelled the inspection on the spot, explained why. There was so much wrong with the house they walked away from it from that point.

2 ounces of vegetable oil in the trap helps big time to stop evaporation .

Sure does. I can not count though how many times I have gone to inspect a home that the Realtor has told me has been “winterized” and when I got on site, the toilets and drains had automobile antifreeze used to fill the traps (and NOT the biodegradable stuff either). They hate it when I point out that now the home has to be “dewinterized” correctly and not simply flushed. Next time do it right or hire someone to do that knows what the hell they are doing.

Something else I see occasionally are HVAC condensate drain lines jammed down into sewer drain pipes. If you think about it for a couple seconds, when the system is running it is pulling air from everywhere including an empty condensate drain w/o a trap so in effect it is pulling sewer gases up into the air stream of the circulated air…seen and smelled it more than a few times. Every time the HVAC came on and ran you could smell someone else’s “peas and carrots”.

Yesterday around here the sewer utility were cleaning the sewers and all the gases were entering my and the neighboring houses as well as small particles blowing out of the drains. Kinda pissed me off. House smelled like ****.

Thanks for sharing the story Gary and good work Nick G.

Authorities in Kansas City are now reporting that they have traced the lethal gas to a pickup truck where a home inspector named “Dan” was found with an empty grocery bag that had once been filled with bean burritos.

Whats that …SMELL???
Johnny on the spot… How damn funny is that.

That is funny, Jim, but I met Dan in Indy a couple of years ago and found that he was a pretty nice man. :):smiley:

He is, indeed.

I am going to be more careful now riding with Fogarty after eating at Shoneys