Sewer Saddle Connection

First time seeing one of these connections, and I am not sure how to report on it.

They are prohibited by both IPC and UPC because they tend to leak. Ask your AHJ to verify.

I would check with your local AHJ if those fittings are approved for use in your area.
They are not in some locals.
Section 707 Prohibited Joints and Connections

707.1 Prohibited Joints

The following types of joints and connections shall be prohibited:

  1. Cement or concrete joints.
  2. Mastic or hot-pour bituminous joints.
  3. Joints made with fittings not approved for the specific installation.
  4. Joints between different diameter pipes made with elastomeric rolling O-rings.
  5. Solvent-cement joints between different types of plastic pipe.
    6. Saddle-type fittings.

Thank you all. I found the code reference for IL and they are prohibited.


Yep, prohibited here, too…

Looks like a leak waitin’ to happen. “Ooh that smell!”

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Emergency use or utilities. Proper saddles are too expensive for home use IMO.

It looks like there is chocolate already leaking out:

That was my first thought too Larry, but it is some type of sealant. Tasted like banana…



The lick test is always the best! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Jim is been saying that for years, so it must be. LOL

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